Peter Boughton


  1. 16 Jul 2015

    Tonight I gave a presentation on Password Security at the 5th Digital Croydon event. Read more.

  2. 10 Nov 2014

    Over a year and a half with no news? Not quite. A few of the highlights.

  3. 13 Mar 2013

    In June I will be speaking at the Scotch on the Rocks web developer conference in Edinburgh. More details.


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I'm an amateur photographer; I both capture pure photos and create manipulated images.

I enjoy listening to music, of all varieties.

I'm an advocate of usability, creating tools that empower all humans.

I'm a keen boulderer, and climb regularly at Craggy2.

Usability is how easy to use something is. It applies to pretty much everything, from umbrellas to escalators, but is a commonly used term in computing because so much software seems to be written as an example of bad usability.

Sometimes, reduced usability is due to unavoidable situations, (such as user login security), but a lot of the time usability suffers simply due to the software creators not bothering to make it better.

A computer, and the software running on it, are tools for you to use. They might be a bit more complex than scissors or a bottle opener, but that does not justify them having poor usability.