Peter Boughton


  1. 16 Jul 2015

    Tonight I gave a presentation on Password Security at the 5th Digital Croydon event. Read more.

  2. 10 Nov 2014

    Over a year and a half with no news? Not quite. A few of the highlights.

  3. 13 Mar 2013

    In June I will be speaking at the Scotch on the Rocks web developer conference in Edinburgh. More details.


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I'm an amateur photographer; I both capture pure photos and create manipulated images.

I'm an avid supporter of Railo, the best CFML engine.

I blog about programming and web development topics at Sorcerer's Tower.

I'm passionate about freedom, in all forms.

JS (Javascript) is a programming language used for adding interactivity to a web page, and to generally improve the experience by overcoming certain limitations of the underlying techologies.

It can also be used to do pointless and annoying crap.

Recently, many web developers have realised some of the things JS is capable of, and started to take the language more seriously, resulting in it also being used as a general purpose programming language outside of the browser.