Peter Boughton


  1. 16 Jul 2015

    Tonight I gave a presentation on Password Security at the 5th Digital Croydon event. Read more.

  2. 10 Nov 2014

    Over a year and a half with no news? Not quite. A few of the highlights.

  3. 13 Mar 2013

    In June I will be speaking at the Scotch on the Rocks web developer conference in Edinburgh. More details.


BP RX fr gh as S


I'm a keen boulderer, and climb regularly at Craggy2.

I'm a big fan of regex; one of the most under-used and mis-used tools programmers have.

I'm an amateur photographer; I both capture pure photos and create manipulated images.

I'm a software developer, programming in a variety of languages.

CFML is a flexible and easy to use programming language, generally used for web development, but capable of any general purpose task.

(Buzzword time: CFML is a dynamic multi-paradigm RAD server-side scripting language with two fully-featured and interchangable syntaxes, and makes it trivial to use multiple domain-specific languages to solve specific problems.)

CFML began as the language powering Adobe* ColdFusion (*originally Allaire), but has evolved beyond these boundaries. There are now multiple CFML engines available, including the excellent Railo.