Peter Boughton


  1. 16 Jul 2015

    Tonight I gave a presentation on Password Security at the 5th Digital Croydon event. Read more.

  2. 10 Nov 2014

    Over a year and a half with no news? Not quite. A few of the highlights.

  3. 13 Mar 2013

    In June I will be speaking at the Scotch on the Rocks web developer conference in Edinburgh. More details.


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I blog about programming and web development topics at Sorcerer's Tower.

I'm a big fan of regex; one of the most under-used and mis-used tools programmers have.

I'm an advocate of usability, creating tools that empower all humans.

I'm passionate about freedom, in all forms.

A 3D render is the image output by a 3D graphics application.

Unlike 2D graphics, where you're effectively dealing with colours/shapes, with 3D graphics you work with virtual 3D models - the final image depending on the material properties of these models, the effects of any lighting, the position of the camera, and so on.

It's kinda similar to still life or studio photography, and not related to the tacky shit done with those silly glasses and gimmicky TVs.